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The "Next Twilight Saga's Picture" Icon Challenge

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Next Twilight Saga's Picture
Welcome to nexttwipic this is a OPEN Icon Challenge Community based on nextpicture but here ALL pics are from THE TWILIGHT SAGA

The Challenge is easy, you make an icon from a picture posted by previous participant, and you post it as a new entry along with a new picture that the next participant will use to make their icon.

And every week I'll take the icons posted in the last week and post a voting - the next week "session" will start/continue immediately after that and its first picture will be the last picture provided by the last member, as always.

The Voting will be posted in Friday at midnight
The results will be posted after more of 12 peoples voted
The voting is OPEN
- Post your icon as a new entry (not as a comment!) and tag it with your username
- You must be a member to post
- You can use ANY picture related with Twilight Saga (a caps for a scene, promo shoots, actors pics as a photoshoots, candids etc) Everything is fine
- You can post pics about ANY actor/actress/character/books/films
- The picture must be high quality - there's no minimal size because some smaller pics can have great quality too, but if it's obviously low quality I will ask you to change it.
- You only post ONE icon in your entry (you can include extras, but they won't be included in the voting.)
- You can however enter as many times (per week and in general) as you wish, as long as there are at least TWO entries by other people between your entries.
- If two (or more) people make and post icons of the same picture at the same time, both/all icons will be included in the voting, but only the first person's provided picture counts as the next picture. (Try to refresh the community page right before you post.)
- No old icons, the icon must be made for this challenge.
- The icons must comport with LJ standards. (no bigger than 40 KB, 100x100, JPG GIF or PNG format)
- Animation is NOT allowed
- Brushes/Textures is always welcome
- In Voting don't vote for yourself and don't ask your friends to vote for you
- Have Fun
How i do a post?
Use this:

ICON URL: direct link to your icon
IMAGE URL: direct link to image of your choice
WHO/WHAT: about who/what is your pic? kristen on nylon photoshoots? ashley on VMAs? Carlisle on Twilight? Rob in Remember me? tell us

PLEASE: if you post a extra post it under a cut :)
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credits: rules l profile l lay out